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Toughvent’s aerodynamic performance is optimised using a proprietary computational fluid design (CFD) code developed specifically for fans by CFW Industries PTY Ltd in Cape Town, South Africa.


Toughvent’s aerodynamically tested and optimised design provides a ventilation solution that delivers maximum air power at the highest energy efficiencies


The Toughvent range is designed according to accepted engineering industry practices and complies with all mining and legislative safety requirements. All Toughvent fans are equipped with heavy duty safety screens and luminous safety enhanced paint.


ABC Ventilation Systems and affiliates offer a turnkey solution to underground ventilation challenges. Rather than being just a seller of ducting and fans, we aim to combine numerous disciplines to provide a total system solution.


One Supplier. One Solution.

We don’t just manufacture world-class leading fans and ventilation ducting – we assist you through the whole process, making sure you get the full benefit of ABC Ventilation’s global experience and know-how from the start. 

Calculating your mine’s or tunnel’s exact air volume needs, and allowing for all conditions such as altitude, climate, and specific tunnel shapes, you can rest be assured that we will select the right product that will be fit for purpose providing reliability and performance for the entire life cycle of our product.

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